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RULES and FAQs for focus

Printable Registration Forms:
Complete and return to main office




What to expect at FOCUS:

Students should come to FOCUS  in casual clothes and dressed for the weather. Registered students must check in by midnight or parents will be contacted.  No outside food or drinks will be permitted. We recommend leaving belongings in your car. Bags brought to the event will be kept in a secure location with volunteers. 

Students must check in by Midnight

Parents will be notified if their student does not check in to FOCUS by midnight. They will also be contacted if they attempt to leave prior to 2:30 AM

Who Can Come To The Focus 2022 Event?

Members of the class of PAHS 2022 and 2023, or if you are the prom date of a PAHS Junior or Senior.  Dates must complete THEIR OWN registration forms above. 

Do I have to attend the Prom to attend the 2022 Focus Event?

No, you do not have to attend the prom to attend the post prom celebration. However, if you do not attend the prom, you MAY NOT bring a guest to FOCUS.

How much does it cost to attend FOCUS?

The celebration is FREE to all eligible students (see above). 

Are there prizes?

Yes, there will be a drawing for prizes can be won at the end of the event, but you MUST be Present to win!

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