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Pros of holding a 2023 FOCUS event:

  • FOCUS has a 20+ year tradition in Phoenixville, it would be a shame to see it come to an end. 

  • Gives kids a destination after prom allows them to continue the fun without exposure to illegal drugs, underage drinking, and other risky behaviors.

  • The event is free and inclusive of all Juniors and Seniors and serves as an alternative for students who don't want / can't afford to attend prom.

  • This year's event is held on a Saturday night and NOT on a holiday weekend (a HUGE hurdle last year's event had to overcome)

Challenges to a FOCUS 2023 event: 

  • Since COVID, like many organizations, FOCUS has struggled to find volunteers willing to commit to planning and executing the event.

  • Class unity/ school spirit is becoming less of a driving force for students to attend functions with their peers. 

  • With a break in the "flow" of FOCUS events during 2020 and 2021, the "word of mouth" marketing that upperclassman have provided has made fewer students aware of what FOCUS is and what they have to look forward to. 

We want to hear what you think and would you be willing to volunteer to make the 2023 FOCUS event happen!

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